The legend of the Säubrenner

It was the time of
Friedrich von Ehrenberg,
when the town
was surrounded by the
enemy, and only the walls
and towers prevented it
from being conquered.

But one evening, the guard
of the Himmerod gate was
unable to find the bolt of
the gate and replaced it
with a turnip.

Then came the terrible
night, when a starving pig
approached the gate, and
ate the vegetable, which
opened the door to the

After several days had
passed, and the foe had left
the place, in the city burned
and robbed, all the pigs
were driven to the market
place to be roasted them on
the grill.

Since that time Wittlich
has been known as the
town of the Säubrenner.
The most famous “Pig

 M.J. Mehs

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